Domaine Rene Engel   Grands Echezeaux

2000 Grands Echezeaux

By Domaine Rene Engel

2000 Grands Echezeaux from Domaine Rene Engel, Burgundy, France

As a vintage that sits confidently among the greats, the 2000 Grands Echezeaux from Domaine Rene Engel represents a pinnacle of winemaking prowess. The turn of the millennium in Burgundy was marked by favourable climatic conditions that bestowed a particular grace upon the vines of Grands Echezeaux - a grace that is vividly captured within the liquid treasures wrought that year by the late, great Philippe Engel.


An Epochal Vintage with Investment Panache

The year 2000 not only heralded a new century but also greeted Domaine Rene Engel with a harmonious blend of climatic benevolence. This serendipity endowed their wines with a lush fruit profile layered over the archetypal structure one anticipates from this storied domaine. The 2000 Grands Echezeaux intertwines maturity and vivacity—a testament to Engel's deft touch and intimate understanding of his venerated terroir.

Beneath the initial bouquet suggesting ripe cherries and a whisper of truffle, lies an intricately woven tapestry of tertiary aromas; underbrush, fine leather, and hints of game begin to surface as the wine breathes. On the palate, there is an immediacy of balance; the fruit intensity melds with supple tannins, while the finish lingers impressively, peppering the senses with traces of exotic spices—a culmination deemed alluring for fine wine investors and enthusiasts alike.


An Investment Worthy Of Your Cellar

Two decades on, this particular expression from Domaine Rene Engel stands firmly with pride. It is a creation that has transcended its era to embody a finesse indicative of stellar ageing potential. Crafting wines that are both profound in their youth yet evolve exquisitely over time is no easy feat—yet the 2000 vintage encapsulates just this dichotomy.

Investment-wise, rarity plays hand-in-hand with quality, and as such many have noted that acquiring bottles or cases of 2000 Grands Echezeaux can be tantamount to securing a gem within one's portfolio—such opportunities are finite, particularly when considering the venerated provenance of Domaine Rene Engel.

To savour a glass is to partake in a historical narrative woven by Mother Nature and man's ingenuity during a millennial shift. As such, it becomes clear why the 2000 Grands Echezeaux is not merely another offering but an age-defining specimen that continues to shine brightly in the firmament of fine wine investments.

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Tasted at the Domaine Engel tasting in London, the 2000 Grands Echézeaux Grand Cru was stellar, quite unbelievable considering the paucity of great wines in this mediocre Burgundy vintage. It has a fleshy ripe cranberry, briary and rose petal nose, even hints of kirsch developing all the time without ever compromising its clarity. The palate is elegant, poised and regal; it's energetic and tensile, so harmonious and supple in the mouth with a hint of brown spice towards the finish. What a stunning showing--surely one of the standout wines from the millennial year. Tasted October 2016.

Neal Martin - The Wine Advocate, 31 January 2017

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