Delas Freres   Cote Rotie la Landonne

2008 Cote Rotie la Landonne

By Delas Freres

2008 Cote Rotie la Landonne from Delas Freres, Rhone

The 2008 Cote Rotie la Landonne from Delas Freres is an orchestration of grace and power, bearing the signature of a promising vintage, setting it distinctively apart within the panorama of Rhoneā€™s offerings. Part of Delas Freres longstanding tradition of exceptional Syrah, this wine stands as a testament to an aging season that had benefactors of both drought and cool harvest conditions.


Melodious Balance: One for the Wine Investment Books

While retaining its intrinsic traits, the 2008 vintage saw the Cote Rotie la Landonne rising to a new level of harmony. With the Mother Nature bestowing the Rhone valley with moderate summer conditions leading to a limited yield but higher concentration of flavour, this noble Syrah steered away from raw power with an emphasis on ethereal harmonies.

Black currants and blackberries dance together in almost balletic quality, whilst underlying hints of smoky bacon fat - a nod to its Northern Rhone heritage - underline its profound complexity.


2008 Vintage: An Exemplar Year for Cote Rotie la Landonne

The 2008 climatic story spun rare magic into these bottles. The caprice of nature was tamed by Delas Freres' virtuosic winemaking, turning an initial gloomy forecast into one of anticipation and joy. The cool harvest has engrained subtlety into this robust Syrah, transforming it into a wine with finesse and remarkable earthbound nuances.

A symphony in a bottle, this Cote Rotie la Landonne exudes captivating dark forest fruit tones intertwined with crushed rock mineral notes, rounded off with compelling white and black pepper undertones.

In the realm of wine investment, the 2008 Cote Rotie la Landonne from Delas Freres displays an assured consistency, marking it as a compact disc in any fine wine portfolio. The balance of robust fruit and elegant subtlety makes it not just an investment in wine, but an investment indeed in harmonious pleasure.

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