Delas Freres   Cote Rotie la Landonne

2010 Cote Rotie la Landonne

By Delas Freres

2010 Cote Rotie la Landonne from Delas Freres, Rhone

The 2010 vintage represents an exquisite and intimate portrait of the profound depths that the Syrah grape can reach in the vivid tapestry of Rhone. The 2010 Cote Rotie la Landonne from Delas Freres pulsates with an intensity that mirrors the dead serious character of this excellent vintage.


A Bold Vanguard in Rhone Winemaking

The producer, Delas Freres, has a storied history of harnessing the unique qualities of every vintage into its bottlings. With meticulous attention to viticulture, it captures the poetic expression of terroir and releases wines that are odes to the region's rich traditions.

Its 2010 Cote Rotie la Landonne captivates a fascinating dialogue between this iconic vineyard and an exceptional vintage. Weather conditions in 2010 bestowed upon Rhone a favourable balance of sun and rainfall, allowing the Syrah to bathe languidly in their rays while delivering just enough complexity infused by Autumn's graceful touch.


Grapes Embodying Terroir and Time

Commanding formidable fruit density, the 2010 Cote Rotie la Landonne is awash with notes of dark plum, bramble, and lingering spice. New dimensions unfold with time; charcuterie undertones and suggestions of violets appear invitingly complex on both nose and palate. The aging potential here for fine wine investors is indeed impressive.

Tannins strut with purpose across the palate with a playful tease of chocolate and smoked wood endearing your palate long after the last sip. The minerality at play here weaves an adventurous tale sip after sip.

It's hard not to wax lyrical about the 2010 Cote Rotie la Landonne, it is a delicately composed symphony in a bottle. Comprehending the allure of Rhone's rich tapestry can sometimes feel like decoding a complex cipher, and yet, with this vintage from Delas Freres, it feels as if we're given an enchanting key.

Inspired by a remarkable vintage year, nurtured through expert hands and delivering a drinking experience to be remembered, this truly is one for the discerning wine investor's portfolio.

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Up with some of the greatest Cote Roties out there is Delas's 2010 Cote Rotie la Landonne. Revealing an inky purple color as well as an incredible perfume of spring flowers, violets, black raspberries, graphite and Asian spice, it has drop-dead gorgeous purity, full-bodied richness and a seamless, layered texture that fails to completely cover the wine's underlying tannic grip. Made from 100% Syrah and aged 16 months in new French oak, hide bottles in the cellar for another 4-5 years and enjoy them over the following three decades.

Jeb Dunnuck - The Wine Advocate, 13 September 2015

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