Delas Freres   Cote Rotie la Landonne

2015 Cote Rotie la Landonne

By Delas Freres

2015 Cote Rotie la Landonne from Delas Freres, Rhone

In Rhone's majestic realm of fine wines come diverse and compelling varietals, yet the 2015 Cote Rotie la Landonne from Delas Freres stands out as an exquisite paradox of power and elegance. It has simultaneous profusion and restraint that only the greatest of Rhônian viticulturist techniques can contrive.


Grandeur in the glass, promise in the portfolio

Delas Freres impressively combines time-honoured practices with a deft approach to winemaking, which yields not only stand-out vintage productions but also truly impressive investment opportunities in the wine world. Their rendering of the predominantly Syrah-driven 2015 Cote Rotie la Landonne is no exception and makes a compelling case for both pleasure and profit.

A deep ruby expanse unfolds its tale in the glass, dark fruit notes underwritten by beguiling aromas paying homage to the granitic terroir. The fusion of damson plum and blackberry suggest power, whilst smoky wisps of herbes de Provence convey an elegant restraint.


The epic mixed blessing of a challenging year

2015 was marked by scorching summer temperatures, pushing grapes to their ripening limits. Yet through careful tending, this fiery adversary was transmuted into a harvest ally. The Cote Rotie la Landonne expresses this alchemy through a luscious depth signifying the heat, with a scant youthful acidity gracing the bold finish as testament to the meticulous vine-yard management during this arduous vintage.

Cote Rotie's rugs often tell tales of bravery; yet anyone familiar with the 2015 vintage will know this is one of resilience and adaptation. The balance struck between climatic trials and human triumph paints an enduring picture.

In raising a glass of the 2015 Cote Rotie la Landonne from Delas Freres, you toast not only to an exceptional wine, but to an epic year underpinned by the unyielding spirit of viticulturists and the power inherent to the land they tread.

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With only about 100 cases produced each year, finding a bottle of the 2015 Cote Rotie la Landonne will prove much harder than drinking it. It's indeed a terrific wine but a bit closed and cedary at this particular moment, the 40% new oak standing out on the nose. But this cuvée has a long track record of excellence, so expect it to blossom with time in the cellar. It's concentrated and powerful but amazingly light on its feet, with firm, ample tannins that manage to convey a sense of ripeness as well. Tar, black olive, cassis and espresso elements all speak to the grape (100% Syrah) and the single lieu-dit origin.

Joe Czerwinski - The Wine Advocate, 29 December 2017

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