Delas Freres   Hermitage les Bessards

2000 Hermitage les Bessards

By Delas Freres

The 2000 Hermitage les Bessards from Delas Freres, Rhone

The dawn of the new millennium blessed the Rhone region with a splendid yield, none more remarkable than the 2000 Hermitage les Bessards by Delas Freres. Not your typical vintage, this particular gem radiates a tapestry of exhilarating elegance and intricate control — a testament to Delas Freres' craft.


The Symphony of Taste Amidst Climatic Abundance

For anyone fortunate enough to chance upon this investment-worthy noble bottle, it offers an enchanting sensory experience without compromise. The 2000 conditions in Rhone yielded wines that bore an exquisite composition of balance and harmony.

A symphony of dark fruits seamlessly intertwined with undertones of graphite and iron formulates an appealing aromatic cocktail. On the palate, the liquescent silkiness of the tannin profile is altogether bolstered by a sturdy yet well-tempered backbone.


Reflecting Grapes’ Triumph Over Elements

The fascinating journey from vines imbued with the essence of granite soils, to the Herculean triumph over unexpected climatic swings, has imparted an intriguing complexity onto this 2000 Hermitage les Bessards.

The symbiotic relationship between man and element is announced with stunning clarity in this captivating vintage; it's veritably a portrait in wine form. The ineffaceable signature of Delas Freren skillfully coaxes the potent Syrah grapes to reach their fullest expression.

From its opaque purple color to its rich texture and layers of complexity that unfurl with every sip, this vintage merely accentuates the unrivalled reputation that Delas Freres enjoys as one of the pre-eminent artisans in wine crafting.


Demanding Patience, Rewarding Connoisseurs

Earning its rightful station within a discerning investor's cellar, this vintage encapsulates the timeless allure of Hermitage, a beckoning siren for the patient connoisseur. The elegance of 2000 Hermitage les Bessards improves imbibement with beautiful patience, enriching the passage of time with an escalating crescendo of rich flavour.

The 2000 Hermitage les Bessards from Delas Freres, indeed encapsulates a momentous year and should be a cornerstone in any discerning wine investment portfolio. For those who can bare to part with it, every opened bottle invokes memories not just of the new millennium's dawn but also of a harmonious dance between nature's caprice and man's ingenuity.

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The titan of Delas's portfolio is their luxury cuvee, Hermitage Les Bessards. There are 500 cases of this offering, made from 70-year old Syrah vines in the famed Les Bessards vineyard (the dominant component of Chave's great Hermitages). The 2000 Hermitage Les Bessards should prove to be outstanding. The color is a deep blue/purple, and the nose offers classic aromas of creme de cassis, melted licorice, and creosote. It is sweet yet unevolved. This medium to full-bodied effort does not have the affliction of many 2000 northern Rhones ... a hole in the middle. It is ripe, fleshy, and rich, with moderately high tannin. It will last for 20-25 years. Anticipated maturity: 2008-2025. This is a good commercial example. The significant difference in quality between the outstanding 1999 northern Rhone vintage and the above average yet essentially correct 2000 is dramatically evidenced in Delas's wines. The 2000 red offerings reveal charming ripeness, but also the vintage's softness, lightness, and lack of depth. Importer: Maison Marques et Domaines, Oakland, CA; tel. (510) 286-2000.

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 29 April 2002

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