Delas Freres   Hermitage les Bessards

2002 Hermitage les Bessards

By Delas Freres

The 2002 Hermitage Les Bessards from Delas Freres, Rhone

Delving into the compelling depths of the 2002 Hermitage Les Bessards from Delas Freres offers a sensual journey through a year that was distinctly unique. The Rhone Valley was graced with ideal weather conditions in 2002, balancing sunshine and rainfall, which produced a powerful yet elegant Syrah - the viticultural star of northern Rhone.


Elegant Power: a rich and textured investment

The 2002 Hermitage Les Bessards from Delas Freres is firmly opined as one of the fine wine investments of the time. The strength of its vintage year, coupled with Delas Frere's mastery over Syrah, lends it a credibility that resonates with serious wine investors.

This wine delivers an elegant burst of dark cherry, blackcurrant and spiced plum flavours, backed by subtly smoky undertones of tobacco and pepper. This melding creates an intricate dance where neither power nor sophistication outshines the other; they are co-stars in this tasteful performance.


Terroir Triumph: A defining year for Rhone

The climatic conditions leading up to the 2002 harvest in Rhone enhanced the classic elements you'd anticipate in any Syrah-based Hermitage. Yet those particular environmental rubrics resulted in an elevation of the usual features into something truly mesmerising.

There is a delicately laced minerality present, most notably flint, carried by the unmistakable and cherished structure, complexity and depth of this Hermitage. The finish is long and balanced, leaving a lasting impression that calls for further appreciation.

An investment in the 2002 Hermitage Les Bessards from Delas Freres not only guarantees a consummate, noble Syrah but also offers a splendid display of a year when the Rhone valley truly outperformed itself. Reflecting its distinct nuances and praiseworthy blend of power and grace, this wine stands as an intriguing testament to the very essence of terroir and time.

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