Delas Freres   Hermitage les Bessards

2003 Hermitage les Bessards

By Delas Freres

2003 Hermitage les Bessards from Delas Freres, Rhone

The wine fraternity will no doubt discern the exceptional qualities embodied by the 2003 Hermitage Les Bessards from Delas Freres, a distinguished bottling from the potent temperatures of 2003 in Rhone. As a compelling prologue to this narrative, it's worth noting that the sweltering climate of 2003 yielded a smaller yet remarkable robust harvest, yielding some truly remarkable wines.


Unparalleled richness, worthy of investment

The 2003 inventory came into maturity under an extraordinary concoction of climate and terroir influences. The vintage presents itself with a dramatic intensity as if to declare its profound standing in the artful world of viniculture. The bravado carried by an intense arrangement of blackcurrant and spices makes it a tangible investment prospect.

Possessing an exquisite amalgamation of complexity, structure and age worthiness, the 2003 Hermitage Les Bessards embraces the senses with a beguiling theatricality one would expect from such a vintage. This Syrah blossoms confidently on the palate, unveiling layer upon layer of richly woven tapestry of profound fruit and earthy tones.


From heatwave to hydro flask

The meteorically high temperatures gifted Hermitage with its most cherished acquisition - intensity and concentration. Indeed, the 2003 vintage from Delas Freres has deftly harnessed these traits in their red nectar, crafting a wine that resonates with such charismatic finesse.

Hermitage finds laudable harmony in showcasing masculinity without compromising refinement- a soaring tribute to the mastery invested in crafting this particular vintage. The uniformly laced tannins lead toward a lingering, spice-imbued finish, weaving a narrative of sysiphean defiance against the challenging weather patterns of 2003.

This is the wonderful paradox of the 2003 Hermitage les Bessards from Delas Freres: a vigorous powerhouse steeped in unyielding elegance. Indeed, much like a seasoned principle dancer's pirouette, it commands attention with its robust poise yet captivates with an underlying delicate grace. A testament to the transformative power of time on a truly stand-out vintage.

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Showing similar to a bottle last year, the 2003 Hermitage les Bessards is a big, full-bore, pedal-to-the-metal Hermitage that's loaded with currants, smoked meats, roasted herbs, beef blood and chocolate. Decadent, voluptuous and full-bodied with sweet tannin, it has beautiful purity of fruit and a terrific finish. it's an incredible wine that can be enjoyed anytime over the coming two decades.

Jeb Dunnuck - The Wine Advocate, 13 September 2015

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