Clinet 2009

Cult Wines Price: CN¥20,529.23 / 12x75cl
Cult Wines Price: CN¥9,818.33 / 6x75cl
Chateau Clinet, Clinet, 2009

Tasting Notes Clinet 2009


Clinet has been on a hot streak lately and the 2009 appears to be the greatest wine ever made at the estate, surpassing even the late Jean-Michel Arcaute’s monumental 1989. A blend of 85% Merlot and tiny amounts of Cabernet Franc (12%) and Cabernet Sauvignon (3%), this big Pomerol boasts an opaque, moonless night inky/blue/purple color in addition to a gorgeous perfume of blueberry pie, incense, truffles, black raspberries, licorice and wood smoke. Viscous and multi-dimensional with silky, sweet tannin, massive fruit concentration and full-bodied power, there are nearly 4,000 cases of this thick, juicy, perfect Clinet. It should drink well in 3-5 years and keep for 25-30.

Robert Parker Jr
Wine Advocate #199 February 2012

Aromas of dark fruits, hazelnut and dark chocolate, follow through to a full body, with velvety tannins that are polished and refined. Beautiful depth of fruit to this. Best in 2018.

James Suckling, February 14th 2012

The Clinet ’09 is a massive wine but on this occasion it is curiously reticent at first and demands coaxing. Perhaps this is on the cusp of closing down. The palate is full-bodied and dense, loaded with glycerin but still beautifully balanced with firm backbone and massive grip on the finish. This is a child prodigy that is about to enter what might well be a turbulent adolescence, but is certain to inspire awe just as the 1989 and 1990 Clinet can do at present. Tasted June 2013.

Neal Martin
Wine Journal Nov 2013

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Clinet 2017 Chateau Clinet CN¥5,319.75 12x75cl
Clinet 2017 Chateau Clinet CN¥3,079.38 6x75cl
Clinet 2016 Chateau Clinet CN¥7,711.85 12x75cl
Clinet 2016 Chateau Clinet CN¥3,927.33 6x75cl
Clinet 2015 Chateau Clinet CN¥8,033.18 12x75cl
Clinet 2014 Chateau Clinet CN¥4,668.17 12x75cl
Clinet 2013 Chateau Clinet CN¥3,927.33 12x75cl
Clinet 2013 Chateau Clinet CN¥1,963.67 6x75cl
Clinet 2012 Chateau Clinet CN¥5,578.59 12x75cl
Clinet 2011 Chateau Clinet CN¥5,596.45 12x75cl
Clinet 2011 Chateau Clinet CN¥446.38 1x75cl
Clinet 2010 Chateau Clinet CN¥9,282.78 12x75cl
Clinet 2010 Chateau Clinet CN¥4,569.98 6x75cl
Clinet 2009 Chateau Clinet CN¥20,529.23 12x75cl
Clinet 2009 Chateau Clinet CN¥9,818.33 6x75cl
Clinet 2008 Chateau Clinet CN¥6,694.31 12x75cl
Clinet 2007 Chateau Clinet CN¥6,069.51 12x75cl
Clinet 2006 Chateau Clinet CN¥7,586.89 12x75cl
Clinet 2005 Chateau Clinet CN¥9,818.33 12x75cl
Clinet 2004 Chateau Clinet CN¥6,524.72 12x75cl
Clinet 2003 Chateau Clinet CN¥8,479.46 12x75cl
Clinet 2002 Chateau Clinet CN¥6,212.32 12x75cl
Clinet 2001 Chateau Clinet CN¥8,149.21 12x75cl
Clinet 2000 Chateau Clinet CN¥13,799.21 12x75cl
Clinet 1999 Chateau Clinet CN¥8,033.18 12x75cl
Clinet 1998 Chateau Clinet CN¥9,372.04 12x75cl
Clinet 1998 Chateau Clinet CN¥4,909.16 6x75cl
Clinet 1997 Chateau Clinet CN¥6,212.32 12x75cl
Clinet 1996 Chateau Clinet CN¥7,453.00 12x75cl
Clinet 1995 Chateau Clinet CN¥11,817.69 12x75cl
Clinet 1990 Chateau Clinet CN¥31,168.72 12x75cl
Clinet 1989 Chateau Clinet CN¥60,730.80 12x75cl
Clinet 1986 Chateau Clinet CN¥13,959.87 12x75cl
Clinet 1982 Chateau Clinet CN¥25,491.94 12x75cl