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11 April 2018

Spain remains largest global wine exporter

Spain remains top dog in global wine exports for another year, ahead of Italy and France, with a total 22.8 million hectolitres exported in 2017.

The country maintains a significant advantage on its nearest export rival, Italy, which exported 21 million hectolitres last year. France exported a much lower 15 million hectolitres, but it topped the charts in terms of value, with export sales worth €9 billion last year.

Spain’s value sales, meanwhile, came to just €2.8 billion. Italy took second place with €6 billion.

Speaking to Euronews, Rafael del Rey, general manager of the Spanish Wine Market Observatory, commented: “It is true that we are relatively far from France and Italy in value terms and this is fundamentally due to the greater experience the French and Italians have in the international markets compared to the Spanish market.”

Spain’s position as largest wine exporter could be in jeopardy, however. The country – like many other winemaking regions in Europe – was significantly affected by frost in 2017, leading some to believe its supplies of wine will run out.

Speaking to the drinks business, managing director of Félix Solís UK Richard Cochrane said: “The harvest in Spain is down 30% on average and some producers might run out of wine. Ribera del Duero lost 70% of its crop from the frost, so people are starting to wonder what the last quarter of the year is going to look like.”

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