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Gazin, Cantemerle and Chasse Spleen kick of this week’s 2017 releases


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The 2017 En Primeur campaign continues in full force with three new announcements kick-starting the week ahead.

First out of the blocks is Gazin 2017, released at €57.60 per bottle ex-negociant, representing a 4% decrease on 2016’s €60 price tag. Neal Martin, who awarded the wine 91-93 points, called it “a classic Gazin from proprietor Nicolas de Bailliencourt and his team.”

Cantermerle 2017 has been released at an 11% drop on its 2016 price, now at €19.70 per bottle. Martin (88-90 points) noted it has “quite a sultry bouquet”, while Lisa Perroti-Brown (89-91) said “it is elegantly expressed and finished with beautiful harmony.”

As Liv-ex notes, though, buyers might have hoped the new vintage would enter the market at a lower price point, as Cantermerle’s traditional pricing pattern sees vintages appreciate in price with the passage of time. The 2017 is currently more expensive than vintages spanning 2011 to 2016.

Chasse Spleen 2017 has also been released. At €21 per bottle the vintage is 3% down on 2016’s price of €21.60. Critic reviews have been mixed, with Martin suggesting “the 2017 seems compromised by the growing season”, and subsequently awarding it 86-88 points. Chris Kussack, however, said the wine “seems a success in the context of the year” and gave it 88-90 points.

Like Cantermerle, Chasse Spleen is entering the market at a price significantly higher than recent offerings. Liv-ex notes that buyers might consider the 2014 instead, which is currently priced below the 2017, but offers a higher critic score.

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