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Global wine levels rebound after 2017’s record low


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An estimated 282 million hectolitres of wine will be produced in 2018 – a significant uptick on last year’s record low of 246.7 million hectolitres. According to the Organisation of Vine and Wine, 2018’s global harvest is on track to be one of the biggest since 2000.

Italy, France and Spain have all recorded much-improved harvests after inclement weather conditions destroyed crops last year. Germany, Austria, Hungary and Romania have also recorded harvests above their five-year average. Portugal and Greece reported reductions on 2017 due to mildew, but overall, Europe is likely to see a 19% boost on 2017.

Elsewhere, Chile and Argentina have recorded increases of 36% and 23% respectively, while the US and New Zealand remain stable. Australia’s production has declined slightly, while South Africa still faces ongoing drought and as such has kept production down to its lowest since 2012.

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