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2013 Vieux Ch. Certan

By Chateau Vieux Ch. Certan

2013 Vieux Ch. Certan from Chateau Vieux Ch. Certan, Pomerol, Bordeaux

The Bordeaux vintage of 2013 was, unjustly, often shadowed by the brilliance of its preceding years. However, when you encounter a bottle as meticulously crafted as the 2013 Vieux Ch. Certan from Château Vieux Ch. Certan, it compels one to contemplate the nuances that emerge from such challenging vintages.


Characterful Expression in a Complex Vintage

The year 2013 summoned all the savoir-faire of Pomerol's vintners amidst curveballs thrown by Mother Nature. It was a year where precision and selection ruled, qualities that are undeniably present in this superb release from Château Vieux Ch. Certan.

A composition of Merlot with whispers of Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon, the wine bespeaks the virtue of balance amidst adversity. Its colour, more vivid and deep than one might anticipate from the vintage, serves as a prelude to the olfactory ballet that ensues—a mingling aroma of cassis, truffle, and subtle cedar stir one to delve deeper.


A Testament to Pomerol’s Tenacity

Tasting the 2013 Vieux Ch. Certan speaks volumes on its crafted tenacity. The palate gracefully waltzes between firm tannins and a lively acidity that brings forth the wine’s underlying energetics—an earthy tapestry of ripe berries interlacing with restrained oak influences.

For aficionados and astute investors alike, embracing such a wine is to celebrate not just the wine itself but the narrative woven through its creation—that of a vintage which required masterful command over vineyard and cellar to create something genuinely noteworthy in the glass.

In sum, this bottle represents an intelligent dialogue between terroir and technique—a consummate example of how less heralded years can deliver treasures for those discerning enough to look past common perceptions. A vital inclusion in collections focussed on mature wines with character and history imbued within them—this is one for enthusiasts seeking to enrich their portfolios with depth rather than mere accolades. The 2013 Vieux Ch. Certan is without question one of Pomerol's dignified emissaries from an underrated vintage.

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The 2013 Vieux Château Certan has plentiful fruit on the nose considering the vintage: raspberry coulis, crushed strawberry and a touch of blackcurrant pastilles. The palate is medium-bodied and while it might not rank with the greatest VCC's of recent years in terms of complexity, there is admirable depth and purity with a crisp, almost edgy finish that leaves you wanting another sip. This comes recommended for the vintage and I suspect it will give 12-15 years of drinking pleasure.

Neal Martin - The Wine Advocate, 28 October 2016

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