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1989 Angelus

By Chateau Angelus

1989 Angelus from Chateau Angelus, Saint-Emilion, Bordeaux

In the pantheon of Bordeaux vintages, the 1989 Angelus from Chateau Angelus holds a particularly revered position. Held in esteem amongst connoisseurs and investors alike, this extraordinary vintage bears testament to the mastery of winemaking and exuberance of ideal climatic conditions converging into a single harmonious expression.


A Vintage Defined by Exceptional Balance

The 1989 Angelus exemplifies unwavering excellence, a reflection of its pedigree and the time-honoured terroir of Saint-Emilion. This vintage is often lauded for accomplishing a near-perfect equilibrium between concentrated ripe fruit, sophisticated tannin structure, and an invigorating acidity that beautifully frames the wine's palate persistence. Such balance is rarely achieved but was bestowed upon this illustrious year by nature’s benevolent hand.


The Climatic Serendipity of 1989

The growing season of 1989 was characterised by optimal conditions, with an ardent summer imparting the grapes with ample warmth to reach full phenolic ripeness. The result within each bottle of 1989 Angelus is a resplendent array of rich blackberry and plum notes anchored by earthy undertones of truffle and velvety complexity, certainly making it one of the outstanding Saint-Emilion offerings that year.

The structure is formidable yet elegant—a hallmark of Chateau Angelus' deft craftsmanship. The layers unfold effortlessly, speaking to the vintage's longevity in the cellar. As such, its evolution over the past few decades has been nothing short of remarkable, with secondary characteristics now emerging, adding fascinating depth to its already esteemed profile.


A Benchmark Investment Wine

For investors, the 1989 Angelus represents more than a hedonistic indulgence; it is a tangible asset that has shown impressive appreciation over time. Astute collectors have learnt that certain vintages transcend simple enological pleasure and enter the realm of judicious acquisitions.

In summation, those seeking to diversify their portfolios would do well to consider the inclusion of 1989 vintage wines from Chateau Angelus. Its superb refinement and cellaring potential make it an unassailable choice for both connoisseurs and investors. Whether savoured today or held for future reverence, the 1989 Angelus embodies a pinnacle year for Chateau Angelus, capturing the essence of Saint-Emilion both for pleasure and as an investment cornerstone.

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Tasted at Farr Vintners’ vertical from ex-chateau magnum. One of the finest vintages made at the estate, the Chateau Angelus 1989 has a very intense, powerful bouquet with blackberry, cedar, cooked meat and a little Christmas cake. Whereas the 1990 gives you everything up front, the 1989 is far more coquettish and takes time to unfold. The palate is very smooth on the entry, beautifully balanced with filigree tannins. There is an edginess to the 1989, much more feminine with a touch of truffle, coca and pepper on the finish. Wonderful, a wine at its peak, although it shows no signs of flagging. Tasted October 2011.

Neal Martin - Wine Journal Mar 2012


A great Angelus and one of the two or three best vintages made under the talented young Hubert de Bouard, this wine still has a youthful, saturated ruby/purple color and a sweet nose of melted licorice intermixed with creme de cassis, tapenade, cedar, spice box, and vanilla. Very full-bodied, opulent, and rich, it is one of the 1989s that justifies the lofty reputation of this vintage. Extremely full-bodied, this wine can be drunk now or cellared for at least another 10-15 years. Anticipated maturity: Now-2015. Last tasted, 4/02.

Robert Parker Jr - Bordeaux Book, 4th Edition Jan 2003


Possibly not showing as well as a bottle I had recently from my own cellar, this particular offering, which was about 50% Cabernet Franc and the rest Merlot, has a dark plum/purple color, but is still quite youthful. A beautiful sweet blueberry and blackberry-scented nose of olive, licorice and cedar wood is followed by a full-bodied and opulent wine, with hints of espresso roast and chocolate as well. It seemed to gain a lot in the glass, but the astringent tannins in the finish still seem a bit awkward and distracting. I think bottles I’ve had have generally shown better, although this is certainly an exceptional wine. It has just suffered somewhat in comparison with several of the other vintages. Drink now to 2030.

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 27 August 2015

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