Bonneau du Martray   Corton Charlemagne

2001 Corton-Charlemagne

By Bonneau du Martray

2001 Corton-Charlemagne from Bonneau du Martray, Burgundy, France

The esteemed vintage 2001 from within the gilded confines of Burgundy presents a monumental Corton-Charlemagne from Bonneau du Martray; a vintage that continues to incite fervent discussion amongst oenophiles for its profound complexity and longevity. Having lingered in the cellars for two decades, this wine remains an exemplar for astute collectors and investors.


Vintage Grandeur: The Quintessence of 2001

Marked by a growing season that teetered on the edge of benevolence and challenge, 2001 in Burgundy was not without its vicissitudes. Spring frosts and summer rains wrought havoc early on, but a laudable September turnaround gifted producers like Bonneau du Martray with the opportunity to achieve ripeness and balance in their Chardonnay grapes upon the storied slopes of Corton-Charlemagne.


An Oenological Odyssey: Tasting Notes

A tasting voyage of the 2001 Corton-Charlemagne reveals a tapestry woven with mature yet spirited elements. There exists a harmonious interplay between nuances of toasted hazelnut and the inviting warmth of honeycomb, set against the foundational minerality so cherished in this appellation. The palate discerns a poised structure, buoyed by acidity that marvellously cuts through the richness, ensuring that each sip is as fresh as it is profound.

Prototypical of an ageing white Burgundy, tertiary notes have begun their ascent - an ethereal dance of dried fruit, accompanied by faded hints of mushroom and wet stone - creating an intellectual intrigue for those who seek beyond the primary spectrum of flavours.

For investors considering adding to their portfolio, this is a specimen demonstrating both the intrinsic beauty of aged fine wine and the potential ROI longevity bestows upon well-chosen vintages.


In Summary: A Timeless Investment

In fond reflection, the 2001 vintage of Corton-Charlemagne from Bonneau du Martray should be celebrated for its tell-tale vibrancy amidst maturation’s embrace—a symbol of perfectly-timed harvest meets exquisite vinification. Its continued performance on both table and market propels it into the echelons of one-of-a-kind wine investment opportunities. It sits prominently as a cornerstone offering within any serious collection seeking representation from Burgundy's apex whites.

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A gracious, sensual wine, the aromatically demure 2001 Corton-Charlemagne reveals a light to medium-bodied personality. Displaying outstanding depth, its softly textured character is filled with fresh talcum powder, mineral, and pear flavors. Projected maturity: 2005-2013. Importer: Diageo Chateau and Estate Wines Company, New York, NY; tel. (212) 572-7725

Pierre Rovani - The Wine Advocate, 26 February 2004

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