Bonneau du Martray   Corton Charlemagne

2007 Corton-Charlemagne

By Bonneau du Martray

2007 Corton-Charlemagne from Bonneau du Martray, Burgundy

The 2007 Corton-Charlemagne from Bonneau du Martray epitomises the exquisite interplay of prowess and provenance that sets apart the great wines of Burgundy. Upon engaging with this storied nectar, one is transported to the vaunted slopes of Corton-Charlemagne, where meticulous viniculture and vintage subtleties converge to craft a wine of profound expression and allure for discerning investors.


An Emblematic Vintage

While Bonneau du Martray is synonymous with wines of consistency and longevity, the 2007 vintage stands out for its nuanced complexities. A cooler summer in Burgundy that year ushered in an extended growing season, allowing for a gradual maturation of Chardonnay grapes in this Grand Cru vineyard. The result is a distinguished rendition of Corton-Charlemagne that unfolds gracefully, exhibiting a blend of invigorating freshness alongside a generosity akin to sun-drenched stone fruits, whittled by a flinty minerality.


Investment Calibre Vintage

In an investment context, the 2007 Corton-Charlemagne by Bonneau du Martray not only offers a sensory journey but also reflects the robust potential for cellaring – a hallmark of astute fine wine investment choices. The wine's refined structure speaks to the adroit handling of oak, cementing its status as both a collector’s gem and a valuable addition to any investment portfolio.

Those fortunate enough to uncork this vintage will experience a tactile symphony; an opulent creaminess dances through the palate, punctuated by lemon zest and nutty undertones, evolving gracefully towards an elongated mineral finish that echoes the unique terroir of its origin.


A Connoisseur's Chronicle

In summing up, the 2007 Corton-Charlemagne from Bonneau du Martray is no mere libation; it is a vinous chronicle inscribed on the annals of Burgundy's wine legacy. For enthusiasts inclined towards cerebral indulgence, or investors seeking vintages with both critical acclaim and potential for appreciation, this Corton-Charlemagne is quite rightfully an oenophilic touchstone for the 2007 Burgundian harvest.

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De la Moriniere is always at pains to caution that his white “shuts down” for several years soon after bottling, but in that case I must have tasted his 2007 Corton-Charlemagne before that happened. Cooling herbal, restrained floral and bitter-sweet hints of black currant and citrus rind on the nose lead to a luscious tide of ripe yellow plum, white peach, lime, and grapefruit tinged with chalk, salt, and iodine. A silken texture in no way diminishes the impression of clarity and refreshment. Faintly honeyed and nut oil notes add a sense of richness and depth in a finish of utmost purity of refreshing fruit; clarity to mineral nuances; and vibratory energy. When one compares the 2006 side-by-side today, the latter does indeed show a more overt stoniness and – for all of its textural richness and additional amplitude – suffers slightly in comparison with such fresh fruit vivacity as accrues to the 2007. But either of these contrasting reflections of a great site should be well worth following for more than a decade. As usual, Jean-Charles Le Bault de la Moriniere gave his Chardonnay from the heart of En Charlemagne a year in cask followed by six months on the fine lees in tank. He picked his one Pinot block early in September, then paid his crew for eight or nine days while the rest of his parcels ripened completely. "I would never have expected such quality given the weather conditions," says de la Moriniere, but then he reflected on the frequent divergence between human psychological perception of "good weather" and what really matters, namely the needs of the vine. Importer: Diageo Chateau and Estate Wines Company, New York, NY; tel. (646) 223 2200

David Schildknecht - The Wine Advocate, 21 December 2009

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