Bonneau du Martray   Corton Charlemagne

2014 Corton-Charlemagne

By Bonneau du Martray

An Exemplary Vintage: 2014 Corton-Charlemagne from Bonneau du Martray

In the pantheon of Burgundy whites, the 2014 vintage wines command an esteemed position, and the 2014 Corton-Charlemagne from Bonneau du Martray is no exception. A vintage marked by its purity and precision, 2014 has given us a Corton-Charlemagne that upholds the revered lineage of its noble terroir.


A True Reflection of Climatic Elegance

The Corton hill’s unique aspect and soil composition have been faithfully translated through the skilled hands at Bonneau du Martray. The challenging climatic conditions of 2014 - an unseasonably cool August followed by a golden September - have crafted a vintage with extraordinary balance. As a vintage, it stands in stark contrast to both its immediate predecessors and successors.


Investing in the Symmetry of Nature’s Alchemy

Investors and connoisseurs will find 2014 Corton-Charlemagne from Bonneau du Martray a particularly astute addition to their portfolio, offering both grandeur and stability. This wine’s remarkable ageing potential hints at a promising appreciation of value over time, aligning with wise investment strategies.

With an effusive bouquet marked by citrus zest and wet stone, the 2014 transcends typical Chardonnay expressions. On the palate, it unravels with tensioned layers - a melange of lemon cream, toasted hazelnuts, and flint - culminating in an elongated finish that bespeaks of its underlying power and expected longevity.

Bonneau du Martray's mastery in this mineral-driven vintage has provided a Corton-Charlemagne that blossoms beautifully upon decanting but promises further intrigue with time in the cellar. This offering is not merely a testament to its vintage; it is a beacon of unwavering quality for Burgundy collectors and investor’s cellars alike.

In conclusion, the 2014 Corton-Charlemagne from Bonneau du Martray, with its concentrated expression and ageworthy structure, stands as one of Burgundy's finest achievements in recent memory. It encapsulates the delicate interplay between a gracious Nature and human endeavour while promising sophisticated palates an evolving narrative with each passing year.

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The 2014 Corton Charlemagne Grand Cru, which was still on the less when I tasted it at the domaine, has a crisp, fresh oyster shell-tinged bouquet that opens nicely with aeration. It is just a little austere, not that is detracts from its pleasure. The palate is fresh on the entry with a crisp line of acidity; perhaps a little more austere than other vintages, but that allows the terroir to show through. There is a lovely touch of lemongrass on the finish that prolongs length, completing a fine, quite saline, intriguing contribution to the vintage.

Neal Martin - The Wine Advocate, 30 December 2015

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