Chapoutier   Ermitage Cuvee de lOree

2005 Ermitage Cuvee de l'Oree

By Chapoutier

2005 Ermitage Cuvee de l'Oree from Chapoutier, Rhone

Renowned French winemaking house, Chapoutier, has consistently left its mark in the annals of viticulture with every vintage it produces. However, the 2005 Ermitage Cuvee de l'Oree stands out even amidst such illustrious company, a testament to the exceptional weather and conditions of that year.


Nature's hand in crafting 2005's iconic vintage

Cuvee de l'Oree's 2005 iteration comes at the end of a season graced by generous sunlight and a perfectly timed rainfall; climatic elements that coalesced to forge a classic for the ages.

The resultant wine is an ode to the artistry inherent in Viniculture - a fascinating melange of depth, character and grace, making it a highly valued addition to an investment portfolio.


The dance of balance: terroir and temperament

From the prestigious soils of the Rhone Valley comes this suave symphony. The meticulous hand-harvesting process of the Marsanne grapes has led to an exquisite show of balance and intensity. Their careful nurturing imprints itself into each droplet, a guarantee of authenticity.

The 2005 Ermitage Cuvee de l'Oree from Chapoutier elegantly shares juniper-tinged honey cascades accompanied by soft whispers of almond cream, seamlessly weaving into a structured minerality that defines this vintage's terroir. Arguably one of its most compelling characteristics is its extraordinary aging potential, creating allure for the refined investor seeking longevity in their holdings.


2005 Ermitage Cuvee de l'Oree: A narrative of distinct intricacy

The 2005 Ermitage Cuvee de l'Oree is not merely a wine; it's an anthology of Rhone's winemaking prowess, an investment riveting in its potential. However, beyond the financial prospects, lies an experience; a deliberate sip that unveils matured white currant, followed by the elegant unwinding of musk and cacao. The finale culminates in a lingering complexity, a testament to the 2005 vintage perfection that only heightens with time.

Indeed, investing in such a vintage is investing in a narrative of definitive intricacy and elegance, one that makes the 2005 Ermitage Cuvee de l'Oree from Chapoutier not just a wine, but rather an emblem of viticultural mastery.

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Deep, rich and full-throttle, yet still elegant and focused, the 2005 Ermitage Cuvee de l’Oree is 100% Marsanne from the Les Murets lieu-dit and was brought up all in demi-muids. Offering off the hook notes of quince, honeysuckle, liquid rock, orange blossom and sautéed peach, this beauty hits the palate with full-bodied richness, notable freshness and purity, and a crazy long finish. White wine doesn’t get much better, and this beauty will have another two to three decades of longevity.

Jeb Dunnuck - The Wine Advocate, 3 March 2016

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