Chapoutier   Ermitage le Meal Blanc

2003 Ermitage le Meal Blanc

By Chapoutier

2003 Ermitage le Meal Blanc by Chapoutier, Rhone

The 2003 Ermitage le Meal Blanc from Chapoutier is an extraordinary expression of the Rhone’s most aromatic grape varietal - Marsanne. This vintage is a testament to the sheer relentlessness of Chapoutier's dedication to their craft and an excellent candidate for patient investors seeking longevity.


A challenging year turned masterpiece

In wine investment terms, not every vintage shines like a beacon in memory, yet the 2003 Ermitage le Meal Blanc managed to distinguish itself in an infamously hot year, challenging even for seasoned producers.

Despite a particularly torrid summer season that led many Rhone wines to exhibit an overripe character, Chapoutier demonstrated their adept ability to navigate the climatic odds. Crafting a wine that balanced robustness and elegance was no mean feat in this challenging year.


Exquisite terroir expression

The defining mark of this vintage has always been its allegiance to the renowned terroir of Ermitage hill. A focal point of all great Ermitages, the soil lends a toughness, colour and indomitable strength reflected exquisitely in the 2003 release. Crafted with meticulous care from a single vineyard plot, this wine embodies exemplary viticulture practice.

The dense floral profile, layered with notes of sumptuous peach and apricot on the palate is salient and hard-hitting. Subtle nutty undertones, a characteristic feature of Marsanne from Rhone, are held in perfect equilibrium with a judicious acidity.


A paradigm shift for investors

The 2003 Ermitage le Meal Blanc stands as a testament to what ideal conditions can create in an otherwise intimidating vintage year, providing a unique opportunity for wine investors to diversify their portfolio. Investable wines can be found in challenging vintages, and this wine stands as one of the most potent proclamations.

If you're looking to explore the possibilities of Rhone white wines for your portfolio, Chapoutier’s 2003 Ermitage le Meal Blanc is an outstanding exemplar of distinct fruitful depth, lingering minerality and beautifully honed palette expression. A powerful testament of the region’s signature richness, and a demonstration of high skilled winemaking.

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