Chapoutier   Ermitage le Meal Blanc

2010 Ermitage le Meal Blanc

By Chapoutier

2010 Ermitage le Meal Blanc from Chapoutier, Rhone, Rest of the World

Whisking you away to a world of nuanced elegance and charismatic complexity, the 2010 Ermitage le Meal Blanc from Chapoutier is a remarkable testament to the robust character of the Rhone. A vintage fraught with climatic challenges, the 2010 season required patience and expert mastery from the Chapoutier team, who succeeded in nurturing an impressive white wine gem.


A Coalescence of Crystal Grape and Climate

The 2010 vintage was marked by a late flowering period followed by a hot, dry summer that resulted in exquisite grape concentration and balance. It's this distinct year that has bestowed the 2010 Ermitage le Meal Blanc its unmatched intensity and allure.

The bursting apricot and pear aromas intertwining with nuances of waxed lemon peel speak of artistry met with opportunity. As resilient as it is lavish, this is wine investing elevated; a rich liquid testament to the climatic dance of 2010.


A Toast to Resilience and Elegance

The wine’s palpable faithfulness to its Rhone heritage unfurls in the signature Syrah notes of smoky minerality and toasted almond, courtesy of meticulous vinification. The description 'a white wine for red wine lovers' has never been more suitable.

This Rhône triumph encapsulates the successful navigation past that year's south easterly winds and hail storms, embodying resilience with every sip. You taste not only divine distinction but also dedication; an experience worth savouring for any serious wine investor.

The precise acidity and enveloping richness encounter in the 2010 Ermitage le Meal Blanc from Chapoutier highlights this vintage's ability to blend power and elegance seamlessly. A stellar example of Rhone's potential, it serves as a delightful opportunity for astute wine investors eyeing long-term appreciation.


Cellar Treasure

An embodiment of careful craftsmanship and climatic tenacity, the 2010 Ermitage le Meal Blanc stands as a symbol of Rhone's inherent potential. This stalwart of the cellar invites contemplation, casting light on the unsung symphony between nature and vintner. It is a wine that not only asks but deserves your attention.

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