Chapoutier   Ermitage le Pavillon

2000 Ermitage le Pavillon

By Chapoutier

2000 Ermitage le Pavillon from Chapoutier, Rhone

The grandeur of Chapoutier's 2000 production, Ermitage le Pavillon, once again manifests in the Rhone region’s ability to produce full-bodied, intricately layered Syrahs. This suggestive jewel of the 2000 vintage radiates a primeur of what the noble Rhone houses can achieve in a fortunate year.


Bearing the stamp of the vintage

The 2000 vintage was one that will etch on every connoisseur's memory, with wines bearing its stamp distinguishable for their voluptuous character and expressive structures. The 2000 Ermitage le Pavillon vividly recalls this vintage; a true testament to Chapoutier's dedicated viticultural approach combined with the ushered complexities of nature.

Each sip promises an opulent fusion of luscious blackberry fruit underlined by notes of smoked meats and earthly minerality, meticulously balanced by a refreshing burst of acidity.


Investment potential in a bottle

A paradigm for investing in fine wines, the 2000 Ermitage le Pavillon reinforces the notion that vintages born out of climatic zest cand deliver long term rewards. Eclipsing many Rhone wines from its class, this sophisticated drop has established a formidable record within wine investment circles.

Rewarded for his innovative cultivation methods and winemaking prowess, Michel Chapoutier’s offerings never fail to dazzle; this particular vintage has ascended to the realm of prized collectibles.


The Chapoutier charm unleashed

For investors drawn to Rhone's splendid symphony of flavours, the 2000 Ermitage le Pavillon is nothing short of a masterclass in winemaking. Berthed from an exceptional year and nurtured under the astute hand of Chapoutier, this wine encapsulates the true virtues of Rhone Syrah.

The exhilarating journey this vintage escorts us on, commends it as one of the finest additions to any collection or investment portfolio. The 2000 Ermitage le Pavillon is more than just an exquisite bottle, it's a perpetual reminder of the transformative power of time and terroir, harbouring the promise of undiscovered potential with every sip.

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