Chapoutier   Ermitage lErmite Blanc

2004 Ermitage l'Ermite Blanc

By Chapoutier

2004 Ermitage l'Ermite Blanc from Chapoutier, Rhone

In the sphere of fine wine investment, one bottle indicates profound understanding of its craft. From the prestigious hillside vineyards of the Rhone region, behold this exceptional liquid asset, the 2004 Ermitage l'Ermite Blanc from Chapoutier. The enigmatic symphony of the soil and weather in 2004 led to an exceptional vintage in Rhone.


A Masterful Display of Vintage and Terroir

The 2004 vintage was emblemised by a harmonious marriage between climatic temperance and perfect ripening rhythm, delivering an Evian-like crispness to contrast with the firm full-bodied structure typical of Chapoutier's iconic Ermitage l'Ermite Blanc.

Like an inspired composer, Chapoutier has crafted a masterpiece that sings melodiously in the flute with visuals strikingly akin to liquid gold. When swirled, intoxicating tendrils waft upward; seductive notes of honeyed lemon, crushed rocks and white currants gently blossoming into a rapturous sonata.


An Investment Well Worth the Palate

To the discerning gourmand and astute investor alike, this wine presents as a complex yet elegant blend of power and longevity; its finish leaving an indelible trace on both palate and portfolio alike. The expression of minerality is genuinely fascinating - like a verse written on stone rather than paper.

Carefully barreled during its prime youth and gradually unveiled over time, the 2004 Ermitage l'Ermite Blanc is a testament of classic winemaking artistry mingled with ripe economic potential - a superb choice for investors looking to raise their assets with grace and depth.


A Memorable Vintage, Now and Then

Revealing an exquisite balance between elegance and intensity, the 2004 Ermitage l'Ermite Blanc from Chapoutier is a vintage that surrenders itself not merely to the essence of time but also the savvy investor’s vault. An impressive performance etched into the annals of great wine investments, it will continue to rise in stature as it does in value.

In the grand tapestry of wine production, this is one thread that stands out with a remarkable singularity; a testament to a terrific vintage, an exceptional terroir and undoubtedly, a skilled winemaker.

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A compelling, profoundly great wine is the 2004 Ermitage l’Ermite blanc. This is extremely limited in availability, but the light gold color offers up a liqueur of pears, wet rocks, and honey. Citrus oil, viscosity, extraordinary richness, and acidity make this wine (like all of these Ermitages, made from 100% old-vine Marsanne) just exquisite. There is nothing like these wines anywhere in the world, and the fact that the single vineyard Ermitages are aged in 100% new oak, yet show no trace of oak whatsoever is mind-boggling. This is exquisite wine that you either drink in its first 3-4 years or forget for two decades. Importer: Terlato Wines International, Lake Bluff, IL; tel. (847) 604-8900

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 29 April 2007

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