Chapoutier   Ermitage lErmite Blanc

2017 Ermitage l'Ermite Blanc

By Chapoutier

2017 Ermitage l'Ermite Blanc from Chapoutier, Rhone Region

Few wines capture the expression of terroir and season quite like the 2017 Ermitage l’Ermite Blanc from the emblematic Rhone producer, Chapoutier. This lauded vintage has drawn high commendation for its distinct character in a year where nature presented an intriguing and unpredictable blend of climatic conditions.


Unique Varietal Expression - A Testament to Adaptation

The unforgiving heat of the 2017 summer in the northern Rhone Valley prompted a hastened ripening of the iconic Marsanne grapes. However, such were the skills of Chapoutier's viticultural team, a splendid equilibrium was attained. They managed both to retain the grape's inherent freshness and to coax out an array of deep, layered flavours.


Reflective Palette - The Echo of Terroir

The tantalising parfum of honeyed orchard fruits, layered with nuanced almond and mineral highlights, speaks to the essence of this terroir. On tasting, there is an astonishingly potent harmony between the luscious richness of ripe fruit and refined complexity- a signature of the renowned Ermitage moniker. This subtle balance is further enhanced by a lingering acidic backbone, providing an auditory note to this symphony of flavors.

A wine that is both an exemplar in its category and remarkable investment potential, makes the 2017 Ermitage l’Ermite Blanc from Chapoutier one not to be overlooked. Its display of terroir speaks volumes about the promise held within its ethereal depths.


The Convergence - Ermite Blanc Meets Investment Strategy

Recognising Chapoutier's mastery in extracting the utmost from their superb vines within an arduous vintage, investors should see this as opportunity knocking. A tasting journey of sophisticated differentiation combined with the promising potential for appreciation makes this 2017 Ermitage l’Ermite Blanc an enviable addition to any discerning investment portfolio.

This complexity in a bottle showcases not just the brilliance of the Marsanne varietal, but also bears witness to the finesse and respect for terroir that Chapoutier brings to winemaking. An embodiment of this extraordinary year, it celebrates the vine’s resilience, the winemaker’s expertise, and bodes well for future rewarding cellaring.

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As in 2016, my favorite of the white parcel selections this year is the 2017 Ermitage l'Ermite Blanc (231 cases produced), as it perfectly balances richness and power with refinement and structure. Toasted brioche and citrus marmalade, honey and truffle notes deliver sheer full-bodied, mouth-filling decadence, supported by austere notes of crushed granite, zesty grapefruit rind and cooling brine. Huge and intense yet refreshing, it's the essence of granite-grown Marsanne.

Joe Czerwinski - The Wine Advocate, 31 October 2018

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