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1986 Saint-Pierre

By Chateau Saint-Pierre

The 1986 Saint-Pierre from Chateau Saint-Pierre, St-Julien, Bordeaux

The 1986 vintage in Bordeaux remains a touchstone for collectors and connoisseurs alike, often overshadowed by the heralded 1982s, yet in its own right an exemplar of robustness and finesse. The 1986 Saint-Pierre represents the epitome of St-Julien's harmony between power and elegance.


An Epoch Vintage

Thanks to an exceptional growing season marked by a warm summer and a dry harvest season, the grapes from that year's yield lent themselves to creating wines with remarkable structure and longevity. It is this providential convergence of climatic conditions that has allowed the 1986 Saint-Pierre to evolve into a wine of profound complexity.


Distinguished Maturation

Gleaming with a garnet hue, a visual accolade to its maturation, this offering from Chateau Saint-Pierre unfurls in the glass with an alluring bouquet of dried violets, tobacco leaf, and cedar. On the palate, one is embraced by a tapestry of blackberry compote integrated with earthy truffle undertones and a subtle hint of graphite—an unmistakable signature of its prestigious terroir.

Investors take heed: whilst many 1986 Bordeaux are reaching their apogee, the 1986 Saint-Pierre showcases a remarkable equilibrium that continues to promise further development. It stands as a testament to the deft craftsmanship exercised at Chateau Saint-Pierre.


Elegant Consistency

The wine's enduring grace is demonstrated by its present tannin structure which, although softened by time, still provides ample support—a veritable backbone—to its regal flavour profile. This belies the wine’s capability for continued patient cellaring, making it an alluring proposition for investment.

To immerse oneself in the splendour of the 1986 Saint-Pierre is to engage with a piece of oenological history; superbly crafted and adroitly matured, it occupies a venerable position within a sophisticated portfolio. Should your cellar have but a single vacancy awaiting fulfillment by an iconic St-Julien vintage, let it indubitably be claimed by the esteemed 1986 Saint-Pierre.

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Still powerful, backward, muscular, and concentrated, with high tannin and some earthy, leathery, cherry and black currant fruit notes, this brawny, relatively muscular, corpulent wine is a bit rustic but still impressive. Anticipated maturity: Now-2015. Last tasted, 3/02.

Robert Parker Jr - Bordeaux Book, 4th Edition

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