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1989 Saint-Pierre

By Chateau Saint-Pierre

1989 Saint-Pierre from Chateau Saint-Pierre, St-Julien, Bordeaux

The esteemed 1989 Saint-Pierre from Chateau Saint-Pierre represents a tapestry of Bordeaux excellence that, to this day, reverberates through the palates of collectors and investors alike. As the wine's ambassador to sophisticated tasters around the globe, I have witnessed firsthand how remarkably this vintage has celebrated the artistry of viticulture in the hallowed soils of St-Julien.


Exceptional Vintage, Exquisite Complexity

The 1989 vintage was one gifted with an elixir of climatic fortune. Weather patterns blessed the Bordeaux region with optimal conditions, laying a foundation upon which Chateau Saint-Pierre’s vineyards could express their pedigree to the fullest. Oenophiles appreciate how in such years, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon merge harmoniously, birthing a blend resplendent with balance and depth.

Tasting the 1989 Saint-Pierre, one is greeted with a generous bouquet oscillating between ripe blackcurrants and a subtle hint of truffle, that sacred scent cherished by connoisseurs for its suggestion of earthy complexity. On the palate, a finely woven texture of tannins suggests both strength and elegance; mature yet vivacious, it whispers tales of its thirty-year tenure in oak and bottle before ardently bursting forth with a finish that lingers like the final notes of a grand symphony.


An Enchanting Investment

For aficionados looking to enrich their cellars and portfolios alike, this particular offering presents an unparalleled opportunity for investment. Beyond mere enjoyment, revered vintages like the 1989 Saint-Pierre are storied assets, beacons casting long shadows across less illustrious years. In the world of fine wines, where provenance is everything and every sip tells a story, the narrative contained within each bottle of 1989 Saint-Pierre serves as a compelling chapter in Bordeaux’s large tome.

In summing up the 1989 Saint-Pierre from Chateau Saint-Pierre: it is an enduring testament to a year where nature conspired with human endeavour to craft something truly exceptional. This vintage stands out not simply as an artefact from a bygone era but as a living heirloom yielding investment potential and drinking pleasure that transcends its generation.

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Showing some amber at its rim, this dark garnet-colored wine is another low acid, chewy, lush mouthful of wine with notes of licorice, fruitcake, spice box, and sweet currant fruit. The wine has relatively high alcohol, low acidity, and some moderate tannins still lingering in the finish. Nevertheless, I would drink it over the next decade. Last tasted, 3/02.

Robert Parker Jr - Bordeaux Book, 4th Edition

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