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1995 Saint-Pierre

By Chateau Saint-Pierre

The 1995 Saint-Pierre from Chateau Saint-Pierre, St-Julien, Bordeaux

Entering the distinguished realm of epochal Bordeaux wines, the 1995 Saint-Pierre from Chateau Saint-Pierre is a specimen that has gracefully withstood the tests of time, embodying the essence and refinement characteristic of its St-Julien terroir. This particular vintage stands as an exemplar of investment-worthy claret, potentiated by its unfolding maturity. As a connoisseur privileged to have observed this wine's evolution, I find the 1995 hallmark year shapes its current poise.


A Triumph of the 1990s

Despite the 1995 vintage not being as universally acclaimed as some other stellar years of that decade, it holds its own cachet, particularly in the hallowed vineyards of St-Julien. The year was marked by a fortunate confluence of climatic factors, bringing forth a harvest that balanced ripeness with structure—a feature admirably captured by Chateau Saint-Pierre.


Integration and Intensity: The Hallmarks of Maturity

In its youth, the 1995 Saint-Pierre was esteemed for its complex bouquet and tannic backbone. Time has ushered in an exquisite integration, where once assertive tannins now underwrite a softened and expansive mouthfeel. Notes of blackcurrant and tobacco are laced with subtle spices characteristic of well-integrated oak—hints of vanilla and earth commingling with mature dark fruit tones.

Now at an impressive point in its drinking window, this offering constitutes a compelling consideration for wine investors and collectors alike. Its present state is one of elegant balance; a synchronicity between its ethereal nose and harmonious palate.

In conclusion, as an enduring exemplar from Bordeaux's legendary left bank, the 1995 Saint-Pierre from Chateau Saint-Pierre casts a rich narrative caught in each glass - sophisticated, resonant and assuredly worthy of the savant's cellar. It is narratives such as these that resonate deeply with those who seek to blend the artistry of fine wine with the discernment of strategic investing.

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Dark ruby with some sweet, herbaceous, cherry and black currant notes intermixed with licorice and herb, this ripe, medium-bodied wine seems to finish a bit quickly on the palate. Anticipated maturity: 2004-2014. Last tasted, 3/02.

Robert Parker Jr - Bordeaux Book, 4th Edition

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