Chapoutier   Ermitage Cuvee de lOree

2014 Ermitage Cuvee de l'Oree

By Chapoutier

The Majestic 2014 Ermitage Cuvee de l'Oree from Chapoutier, Rhone

Considered an emblem of the French viticulture, the 2014 Ermitage Cuvee de l’Oree from the eminent producer, Chapoutier, stands out sensationally in the heart of the illustrious Rhone region. Michel Chapoutier has once more demonstrated his legendary wine crafting skills with this vintage masterpiece.


The Finer Points of the 2014 Vintage

A pronounced year for the Rhone region, 2014 pivoted on a dance between showers and sunshine that yielded a less opulent spread of grapes compared to previous years. Yet, in this daring tango of nature, Chapoutier managed to preserve an astonishing concentration of flavours and create an exquisite wine for astute investors.

The 2014 Ermitage Cuvee de l’Oree exhibits an alluring labyrinth of layers, unravelling gracefully with each sip. Defined by time-honoured techniques and a precise harvest timing, it's a vintage that impressively transforms inherent climatic adversity into a triumph of flavours.


Rhone's Liquid Gold, An Investment Opportunity

If fine wine investment was an art, then 2014 Ermitage Cuvee de l’Oree from Chapoutier would be a master stroke on that canvas. Endowed with pedigree and poise, this white treasure has always been a reliable cornerstone in any sophisticated wine portfolio.

Manifesting Rhone's signature richness, underscored by seductive hints of stone fruit and honeyed florals, the 2014 Ermitage is layered with complex attributes that timed aging beautifully enhances. Its texture is pulpy yet balanced — an endearing interplay only an expert combination of the region's climatic factors and refined winemaking processes could achieve.


A Final Word on 2014 Ermitage Cuvee de l'Oree

The 2014 vintage of Ermitage Cuvee de l'Oree features profound nuances that mark it as a compelling investment opportunity. Its well-poised attributes can harmonize with multiple culinary endeavors, whilst opening up to a more rounded bouquet over time. Raising a glass of this golden Rhone delight not only assures a luscious experience but equally attests to the astute judgment and foresight of the oenophile investor.

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The thickest, most unctuous, full-bodied and sexy white of the vintage is the 2014 Ermitage de l’Orée. Coming all from the sedimentary soils of the Les Murets and aged mostly in demi-muids (only 15% new), it offers a sensational perfume of caramelized peaches, campfire, honeysuckle and white flowers that literally come soaring from the glass. Possessing uncommon density, a stacked mid-palate, loads of sweet fruit and a blockbuster finish, this hedonistic effort can be drunk with incredibly pleasure today, or cellared for a decade or more. It will have three or more decades of overall longevity.

Jeb Dunnuck - The Wine Advocate, 30 December 2015

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