Chapoutier   Ermitage le Meal Blanc

2014 Ermitage le Meal Blanc

By Chapoutier

2014 Ermitage le Meal Blanc by Chapoutier, Rhone

There are few masterpieces that compellingly depict both cohesion and distinction quite like the 2014 vintage of the Ermitage le Meal Blanc from Chapoutier. Taking us on a sensorial journey, this nectar of the Rhone manages to—weave seemingly intricate, yet subtly harmonized notes, playing a symphony in every sip.


Nature's bounty, gloriously captured

The 2014 vintage was climatically unique, with a particularly cold winter and warm summer. These marked seasons fostered an early harvest, permitting the fruit to be picked at optimum ripeness whilst preserving scintillating acidity—an essential element in the backbone of this nuanced white wine.

Ermitage le Meal Blanc from Chapoutier notably embraces its Marsanne grape heritage. As we dive into the sensory profile, we encounter a captivating tapestry woven by Mother Nature herself. A revealing dance of expressive apricot and pear interweave with sublime elements of honey and almonds, harking back to the lush orchards found along the Rhone Valley.


A robust expression of terroir and time

Much like a well-composed painting, the 2014 Ermitage le Meal Blanc harmoniously layers texture upon structure, balancing opulence with a mindboggling mineral core. Its intense weight on the palate does not obscure its finesse or intricate charm. The lingering finish speaks profoundly of the venerable ageability of this illustrious wine.

The legacy left by the 2014 vintage from Chapoutier is one of intelligent investment maturity and promises expansive returns should it find itself carefully cradled within a discerning investor's collection.


An alluring asset for the erudite investor

With the 2014 Ermitage le Meal Blanc's exalted stature among the wine connoisseurs' realm, coupled with its multifaceted layers and marked potential for longevity, it is a prized asset for any smart wine portfolio. A promising symbol of prestige and profit that dutifully rewards patience and palates alike.

Inquisitive wine investors are likely to be rewarded by the eloquent ensemble and physical robustness of this 2014 vintage. It serves as, not just an investment commodity, but a testament to the supple richness of the Rhone and Chapoutier's skillful interpretation of timeless terroir.

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