Chapoutier   Ermitage le Meal Blanc

2016 Ermitage le Meal Blanc

By Chapoutier

2016 Ermitage le Meal Blanc from Chapoutier, Rhone

Rhone’s ambassador par excellence, the 2016 Ermitage le Meal Blanc from Chapoutier is an emblem of unadorned richness encapsulated in an age-worthy gem. This vintage is marked by its play between intensity and elegance, a testament to the meticulous work that has signified Chapoutier's output for ages.


Distinctive Symmetry, rooted in Terroir

The 2016 vintage was a year of contrasts, where balmy summer days were followed by cool, drenching rains. These varying weather patterns have rendered an exhilarating tension in the Ermitage le Meal Blanc, crafting a wine that brims with both power and restraint.

This newest instalment in the decorated lineage is a riotous mélange of citrus and honeysuckle, underscored by a persistent mineral streak that holds testament to the geological singularity of Hermitage Hill's soils. Herein lies the typicality of Chapoutier’s wines - an audacious taste profile yet firmly grounded in its Rhone terroir.


A noble vintage for prestigious portfolios

This unparalleled vintage is made predominantly of Marsanne grapes, an oft-overlooked varietal that wears its grandeur with humility. The Chapoutier domaine consistently tumbles boundaries, exemplifying just how profound this grape can be.

An intriguing investment opportunity, a position in one's portfolio for the 2016 Ermitage le Meal Blanc could indeed be persuasive. Fine wine investments are often anchored around sure-fire stalwarts; breaking stride and veering slightly off piste can reap disproportionately large returns.

Recommended alongside lasting investments for their endurance and appreciating value over time, the 2016 Ermitage le Meal Blanc's perennial appeal remains unfettered. Showcasing its immense potential now, this wine is expected to evolve a sophisticated complexity that makes noble white Rhone wines so revered.

In sum, whether an investment purchase or a wine for pure indulgence, the 2016 Ermitage le Meal Blanc from Chapoutier maximizes both enjoyment and potential returns. Such an intriguing combination of finesse and vivaciousness wrapped up in one bottle is rare. Seize the opportunity. Buy into this growing story today before the rest of the market takes note.

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