Chapoutier   Ermitage lErmite

2004 Ermitage l'Ermite

By Chapoutier

2004 Ermitage l'Ermite from Chapoutier, Rhone, Rest of the World

Every investment in fine wine is an exploration of terroir and time and never more so than with the 2004 Ermitage l’Ermite from Chapoutier. This vintage captures the soul of Rhone in a bottle, marrying the distinct characteristics of Chapoutier's emblematic Syrah and the unique climatic conditions bestowed upon us by 2004.


A vintage defying expectations

The 2004 Rhone vintage offered many winegrowers an uphill challenge with an unusually cold start to the growing season, only to culminate with an intensely warm and dry summer. However, it’s precisely these conundrums that the great Marc Chapoutier thrives on, harnessing nature's caprice to create an incredible investment wine.

Juicily formidable yet elegantly tamed, this Ermitage l'Ermite is a symphony of ripe red and black fruits, underlain by profound notes of minerality - a testament to its granitic steep slopes origin. The seeming paradox between this Syrah's youthful vigour and mature complexity hints at unending evolution and longevity.


Wine investment in a memorable year

For the astute oenophile investor, what sets apart the 2004 Ermitage l'Ermite is how Chapoutier masterfully translates the year's challenges into a wine of heroic finesse. It bears witness to its terroir - showcasing the resilience of its old vines and cherishing the memory of 2004 in each drop.

Rather impressively, this wine also demonstrates its great potential for cellar-ageing, promising a gratifying return on investment over time.


A crowning achievement from Chapoutier

This vinous masterpiece is a testament to Chapoutier's belief of letting each vintage speak its truth, undisguised. Offering a glorious sip today, and with the promise of more complexity to be revealed with age, the 2004 Ermitage l'Ermite showcases Chapoutier at his deft best - sculpting wine that is one of the finest investment-worthy iterations from Rhône.

In closing, 2004 has given us an Ermitage l'Ermite capable of captivating one's senses today, while promising immense returns for future indulgence for the discerning pallet New World wine connoisseur investor.

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All of the single vineyard Ermitages turned out as good as I had hoped, possibly even better. In short they are among the strongest wines one could hope for in this vintage. The 2004 Ermitage l’Ermite exhibits blueberry and floral notes with that undeniable minerality lurking beneath the surface. It is full-bodied, which is rather remarkable in this vintage, with serious concentration for a 2004 and sweetness to the tannin. This wine might well be the most approachable of these wines, and drink well young yet last for 15 or more years. Importer: Terlato Wines International, Lake Bluff, IL; tel. (847) 604-8900

Robert Parker Jr - The Wine Advocate, 29 April 2007

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