Chapoutier   Ermitage lErmite

2016 Ermitage l'Ermite

By Chapoutier

2016 Ermitage l'Ermite from Chapoutier, Rhone

The 2016 expression of the exceptional Ermitage l'Ermite by Chapoutier finds its roots embedded in the granitic soils of the Rhône's Hermitage Hill. The maturity of the vineyard's old-vine Syrah elegantly translates the weathered wisdom of this soil into wine, bolstering the distinctive characteristics of this vintage that makes it a deserving prospect for the discerning oenophile investor.


Nuances of Time

As with any masterpiece crafted earnestly by nature and honed by skilled hands, recognition befalls those patient enough to appreciate it. The yielded rewards from this investment are two-fold, an exquisite indulgence for the palate and a fruitful financial return. The 2016 Ermitage l'Ermite is indeed a testament to this truism.

Year 2016 graced the vines with uncharacteristically milder temperatures, fostering a balance between intense sunbathing and cool reprieves, a testament to Rhone's unpredictable climate. The leisurely ripening process resulted in eloquent tannins encapsulating an alluringly intricate depth of flavours.


A Wine Investor's Treasure Trove

Crafted by renowned vintner Michel Chapoutier, this wine articulates profound notes of smoky blackcurrant, accentuated by hints of crushed stones and licorice. Balanced with a dash of white pepper, this rare vintage exudes an undeniable minerality suggestive of its extraordinary terroir. Yet, beneath these layers, resonates an underlying symphony of complexity that subtly reminds one why some wines hold an enchanting allure over palates and portfolios alike.

One may only savour the depth of its amalgamation of sensations upon careful decantation - a silent proclamation that precious things command time and reverence. In its stoic glass encasement, the 2016 Ermitage l'Ermite lies in wait, poised to serve you not only an experience but also an investment opportunity. Its potential for aging mirrors that of its prospective financial returns, promising to augment in value with time.

Unfurling its charismatic charm only to those patient enough to appreciate it fully, the 2016 Ermitage l’Ermite categorically confirms that time, tempered by artistry and intuition, begets beauty both in flavour and financial fortitude.

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The full-bodied 2016 Ermitage l'Ermite is the biggest, most tannic of Chapoutier's current releases. Don't be fooled by the upfront aromas of confiture de cassis, this rich, chewy wine needs 6-7 years of cellaring to near approachability. But what a maturity that should prove to be, with hints of cedar framing ripe, mouthwatering fruit and savory overtones of black olive and licorice, all backed by the sensation of powdered granite on an almost endless finish.

Joe Czerwinski - The Wine Advocate, 31 October 2018

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