Chapoutier   Ermitage le Meal

2002 Ermitage le Meal

By Chapoutier

The 2002 Ermitage le Meal from Chapoutier, Rhone

A Vintage that Knows its Terroir

Transcending the silence of the valley, the 2002 Ermitage le Meal by Chapoutier invokes the poetic symbolism inherent to wines of the Rhone region. The vintage endured a year marked by cooler conditions and shorter maturation periods, which resulted in limited quantities yet accentuated complexities.


Shining Through Adversity

Despite facing a hard-climate season, the Chapoutier winery remained unyielding, leveraging their deep-rooted vineyard traditions and acute weather acumen to their advantage - an exemplary testament to strategic wine investment intelligences.

The 2002 vintage of Ermitage le Meal arose victoriously from Rhone’s adverse 2002 weather conditions, while many of its counterparts faltered. It positioned itself as a beacon amongst the dense fog of lesser vintages.


Tasting Notes

This opulent full-bodied Syrah encorporealises earthy aromas; the distinct black fruit profile resonates profoundly within its character. The coat of blackberry and cassis is finely layered over characteristic regional mineral tones, whilst allowing just enough space for clove and white pepper spice nuances to flirt with one’s palate.


A Paragon of Finesse

Whilst the challenges of Rhone’s 2002 climate were considerable, the vintage's accomplishments are likewise extraordinary. Possessing an emphatically enduring finish and solid tannic structure - making it a formidable candidate for cellaring - this fine example of Ermitage Le Meal is an investment-worthy gem for those seeking to enrich their liquid portfolios.


Vintage of Value

Reflecting the timeless virtue of patience, 2002 Ermitage Le Meal from Chapoutier encapsulates the allure of investing in vintages sculpted by adversity. Its story speaks to the audacious tenacity of Rhone's winegrowers, and captivates the palate with its emblematic terroir-driven complexity. This wine beautifully underscores the transformative power that time ultimately brings to all great wines.

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