Chapoutier   Ermitage le Meal

2003 Ermitage le Meal

By Chapoutier

2003 Ermitage le Meal from Chapoutier, Rhone, Rest of the World

Stepping boldly into the distinct realm of Rhone Valley's prestigious offerings, one barrel unfailingly leaves an indelible impression. It's the audaciously confident 2003 Ermitage le Meal from Chapoutier. This exceptional vintage was challenged by a heatwave during the growing season, a rarity in this region. However, as testament to their exceptional skill and terroir mastery, Chapoutier turned what could've been calamity into opportunity and hence, this stellar vintage's birth.


Rare Heatwave Miracle - An Investment Haven

The entire fine wine world watched avidly as Chapoutier grappled with the hard conditions that 2003 presented. The unusual heat created unique challenges but also provided a chance to exploit this climatic peculiarity; the result was nothing short of glorious success. Rather than being hampered by the adversity, Chapoutier used it to their advantage and birthed an extraordinary vintage redolent of its challenging creation. This has positioned the 2003 Ermitage le Meal as an investment benchmark for connoisseurs globally.

This exciting vintage donned an elegant silk robe of deep garnet hues. It instantly intrigues with an expansive bouquet of blackberries and graphite mingling in harmony with a hint of warm moist earth synonymous with the nuances presented by the Rhone Valley.


Grappling Heatwaves - Crafting Distinct Wines

The notorious 2003 summer elevated the glory of Rhone winemaking to new heights. Its influence on Chapoutier's Ermitage le Meal is clearly perceptible not only in its opulent palate but its complexity and depth of character too.

It enchants the palate with an inviting dance of ripe blackberries romancing smoky tobacco and a curious hint of minerality for a delightful finish. The full-bodied richness, congruent with the vintage's warm climate, is beautifully counterbalanced by a stunning acidity, turning each sip into a mesmerising ballet of divine flavours.

Always remember, each vintage carries with it not only the essence of its birth year but emblematic nuances of its producer's wine heritage. The 2003 Ermitage le Meal from Chapoutier perfectly encapsulates this belief, a triumphant testament to Rhone Valley's diverse viniculture and Chapoutier's harmonious symphony with even the most daunting climatic events.

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