Chapoutier   Ermitage le Meal

2009 Ermitage le Meal

By Chapoutier

The 2009 Ermitage Le Méal from Chapoutier, Rhone

The phrase 'intriguing revelation' is the one that springs to mind upon a tasting of the 2009 Ermitage Le Méal from the reputable House of Chapoutier. The year 2009 stands out in the annals of viticulture as a year of generous warmth and ample ripening time, notching up a favourable reputation for the grapes from the stony sun-baked slopes of the Rhone region. This unique climatic condition makes this wine an exquisite choice for both seasoned collectors and prosperous investors alike.


A Distinguished Expression of 2009

The distinctive terroir attributes a remarkable depth and complexity to this vintage. Exhibiting a colourful medley of red and black fruits interwoven with hints of tar and olive tapenade, the 2009 Ermitage Le Méal by Chapoutier is a captivating dance led by the expressive Syrah grape. Each sip is like biting into fully-ripened plums with an undercurrent of finely milled spice - a testament to the supple warmth and long-term sunshine that embodies the glorious summer of 2009.


Adding Value to Your Investment Portfolio

Wine enthusiasts seeking investment avenues, look no further. This vintage rightfully belongs in your cellar as well as in your portfolio, to yield return not only on taste but also in terms of finance. The acclaimed single vineyard Rhône Valley wines such as this 2009 Ermitage Le Méal from Chapoutier have established themselves as enduring assets in the pantheon of wine investments.


A Finishing Note on This Rhone Rarity

Delving into just what sets this liquid asset apart, it becomes apparent it is a glorious combination of the remarkable climatic conditions of 2009 and masterful winemaking by Chapoutier that have brought forth this opulence in a bottle. Where some wines bloom quickly only to fall shortly after their big opening, the 2009 Ermitage Le Méal strides forth confidently, promising to continue revealing its nuanced personality over the coming years. This is indeed one of the finest expressions of Rhone, encapsulating a tremendous investment potential and a memorable tasting experience.

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