Chapoutier   Ermitage le Meal

2012 Ermitage le Meal

By Chapoutier

2012 Ermitage le Meal from Chapoutier, Rhone

As an illustrious crafting of nature's bounty, the 2012 Ermitage le Meal from Chapoutier presents a compelling case for the Rhone vintage in one's portfolio of wine investments. A hallmark creation under Chapoutier's discerning stewardship, this vintage speaks volumes about its genesis in an extraordinary year, and indeed, an inspiring canvas known as Le Meal.


Artistry of the Earth and Grape, a Luscious Dividend

The 2012 harvest year was spectacularly generous for Rhone Syrahs, bestowing upon them a fusion of opulence and vibrancy. The canvas of Le Meal terroir has painted these elements onto the 2012 Ermitage le Meal with a masterstroke.

In the glass, the wine's deep ruby hue hints at the rich tapestry of aromas awaiting discovery. The undulating rhythm of black cherries and ripe plums is punctuated by subtle overtones of licorice and oriental spices, ensuring each tasting session becomes a symphony for the senses.


Weathering the Climates, Yielding Excellence

The climatic conditions of Rhone in 2012 were considerably favorable for Syrah grapes. An accommodating spring season followed by lingering warm summer days allowed for slow maturation - resulting in an amplified concentration of flavors. Thus transformed, these grapes have bestowed the 2012 Ermitage le Meal with an enticing amalgamation of richness and intensity.

The prevalence of mineral-rich soil atop Le Meal plateau enhances the wine's exquisite depth and complexity. Silken soft tannins, perfectly choreographed with syrah’s rounded acidity and robust fruit-forwardness, make for a harmonious experience - creating a wine monumentally expressive of its provenance.

In essence, the 2012 Ermitage le Meal is not merely a product of Chapoutier's winemaking prowess, but a testament to the unyielding allure of the Rhone region and its bounty. Its creation is a masterstroke of winemaking ingenuity meeting ideal climatic conditions - crafting an offering that is, undeniably, one of the finest expressions of Rhone's terroir. A deeply rewarding investment, it represents both the art and science of vinticulture in a singularly captivating masterpiece.

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