Rhone Investment Report

Over the past 5 years we have been monitoring the global market place for wines from the Rhone valley very closely.  The quality of the wines from the region has never been questioned, however it’s fair to state that overall the wines are underrepresented in key global markets, particularly in comparison to their Bordeaux and Burgundian counterparts.

We have always maintained that at some point the global reputation and demand for these wines will increase to a level which merits investors to boost their exposure. Over the past 12 months we have noticed some clear indicators that suggest that this shift is now underway, and we are therefore delighted to give clients the opportunity to buy into the key producers ahead of the market trend.

We have spent the past few months building up a position in a number of the key wines that we have identified.  We have also spent some time putting together this investment report outlining our rationale.

Download the Rhone Investment Report

To view full Rhone Overview, Analysis and Investment Recommendations, download our latest Rhone report.

The following areas are covered in this
in-depth 30 page report:

  • Rhone market overview
  • A View from China & Hong Kong
  • Overview of Risk
  • Investment Outlook
  • Key Producer Profiles

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Rhone Investment Report